Incheon, CR – Silao, MX

Incheon, CR – Silao, MX 2017-08-03T09:45:01+00:00

Project Description

Antonov Project Shipment


For the last 8 months Schryver Mexico has been contracted to move more than 22,000 cubic meters of new production lines from Asia into the plants of our Mexican automotive customers. While pre-arranged sea freight solutions (containerized and break bulk) could match most of our clients’ deadlines, 10 pieces from the beginning of the contract were considered as top urgent. 400 kilometers pre-carriage inside South Korea already challenged our logistical route planning. 4 crates with over 4m height and width hardly entered Incheon Cargo Gate at Incheon International Airport. The Aircraft was loaded during the night with 400 cubic meters and nearly 45.000 kg of high-value machinery and then made its trip via Anchorage to Silao, Mexico where the young airport for the first time in history received a AN-124. All 10 pieces where unloaded directly on trailers providing the shortest and fastest on-carriage possible. A great teamwork including packing, trucking, barge service, Charter Service and route planning – around the world. Schryver delivered to our customer’s highest satisfaction together with our professional partners.